"Produits du Boina" (Boina Products), also known as PROBO, is a company created in 1993 by  a businessman named Mouhamed Ali and located in the town of Mahajanga, Madagascar.

PROBO company uses the only "BUHLER" maize mill in the South West Indian Ocean area, a maize mill from the well-known swiss manufacturer, BUHLER GROUP.

This maize mill turn the corn grain into maize flour, corn meal and cereal groats, intended for human foods. It also produces by-products that can be used for animal feeding. 

A few years later, the company began producing a nutritional flour, based on maize, specially intended for newborns and pregnant women.  

Nutritional Flour = Maize + Soya + Sugar + CMV

Mr Mouhamed Ali extended his activities, later, by adding to his production unit, another machine producing cassava (manioc) flour, for human foods.   


In 2003, Mr Mouhamed Ali created another group called RIZEMAD, after acquiring a rice mill which produces white rice and high quality rice.

In 2012, he begins exporting dry grains like Black eyed peas, white beans, peanuts,... from Madagascar.

PROBO and RIZEMAD buy direclty raw products (corn grain, paddy, dried manioc, ...) from local and regional farmers.